Calcite Decor Hangers

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Not a car hanger, only use for decoration. Heavy rocks. 


Perfect to hang around the house or office, maybe hang it in your child's bedroom (out of reach) to promote happiness & calmness!


Orange Calcite- Also known as "the stone of mind", keep orange calcite around to help motivate you and enhance your creative energy. Orange calcite is a great stone for anyone dealing with depression or just need a boost of energy to release any bad habits. An energy amplifier and cleanser to keep you going through the day.  
With Clear Quartz.


Blue Calcite- Very protective, it acts as a sponge and absorbs all bad energy coming to you transmitting them back out into high positive energy. The powerful blue rays soothes and relaxes nerves, calming the mind allowing to think more about emotional situations with a level head. Stimulates creative energy and a powerful transformation stone.
With Satin Spar/Selenite.