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We have 2 available Quartz Earrings, if sold out please custom order. 

Tangerine Quartz- Tangerine Quartz is Clear Quartz that was surrounded by Hematite, which is an iron oxide, with moisture it causes staining on the Quartz. It's a great tool to work on your inner self going though understanding growth and acceptance. Tangerine Quartz energies also will help you let go of any past trauma or issues and forgiveness so you can move forward on your journey.  

Clear Quartz- Clear Quartz also known as the "Master Healer" amplifies energies and draws off all negative energy. It aids in concentration and brings clarity while helping you achieve your goals. Clear Quartz also enhances your psychic abilities and helps strengthens your intuition. Great to keep with other crystals to amplify its energy!